The wildlife on our farm varies in size and type quite considerably. Some of our deer are large and magnificent. While our chipmunks, mice and stoats are quite small but can be very entertaining. And some like our main Rooster Pepe are not so wild but still quite impressive. We have seen large owls, various types of woodpeckers, bluejays, cardinals, turkey vultures and hundreds of crows. Foxes, porcupine, deer, wild turkey, grouse and coyotes make regular appearances.

All of these and more reside here and we would like them to continue to do so.

Our pond supports a great colony of gold fish as well as frogs and large dragonflies. While also providing a great source of drinking water for all the other wildlife that live or pass thru our property. It is always exciting to see who has been for a visit.
A sleepy Chipmunk
This little guy was in the middle of the driveway and seemed to either be sleepy or stunned after falling out of the tree. I moved him to a safer spot after taking this picture.
A Stoat In His Winter Coat
One fine winter morning a sudden streak of white past me by at great speed. When I finally located him, our stoat had taken refuge amongst the rocks but still posed for me.