Horse Facilities
We have successfully built one corral, 120 feet by 80 feet.
Off to one side we are in the progress of erecting a run-in-shelter.
Plans to erect a small barn with four stalls, tack room, office and hay storage are in the works but I think it shall be a while before we can afford to make a start on the barn.
The front field while well suited for pasture needs quite a bit of fence work before we can let horses run free and graze at will.
Crop Fields
We plan on getting our crop fields cleaned up, reseeded and growing hay at the earliest opportunity. First we need to reopen the passage ways between the fields to allow farm equipment to pass unhindered. We may open up a new entrance to the second field, the first crop field to ease access from the road. We hope this will allow us to support additional horses at a lower cost per horse than currently possible due to having to purchase all our hay. We have also planted a little garden, with strawberries, asparagus, fruit trees and assorted vegetables. We hope to expand on this endeavor too.
Forestry & Trails
Forestry projects are divided into three main areas, while keeping in mind that we have entered into a Managed Forest Program and do not want to over harvest nor disturb active homes of our wildlife friends.

1 - Selective harvesting of mature from the old mixed forest at the back.
2 - Thinning of the reforested areas, clearing and creating new trails.
3 - Clean up of dead fall will be ongoing and will supply the woodstove in the house with fuel for some time. Waste not ... want not.